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The agriculture of today has been developing in line with drip irrigation, and IT technology is used to integrate facility horticulture and agricultural machinery.

However, since agriculture is influenced by seasons and climatic events, year-round farming can be inefficient if problems are not solved at the right time in the right place.

Therefore, it is essential to prepare and study in advance.

Agriculture is the industry inherited from the origins of civilization, so it should be well preserved and managed to increase production.

For this reason, KIG Co., Ltd is aiming to prepare for environmental variations by directly manufacturing and producing irrigation materials based on drip technology according to climatic changes. We are also trying to preserve precious agricultural legacies by manufacturing green houses and exporting and distributing seeds of common vegetables and agricultural machinery.

To do this, KIG Co., Ltd promises to make agriculture more intelligent by discovering and introducing sustainable growth engines.


PhD.  In-cheol So   

Management Philosophy

Creation and Integration   Creation of the Best Agricultural Technology
and Service
Contribution to Human Society
Increase a synergy effect in all management areas by cultivating human resources faithful to the basic and harmonizing creation and integration. Secure the top rank in the same industry
by creating agricultural technology
and satisfactory services to customers..
Contribute to a plentiful life with mankind
and fulfil the mission.